The guide on how to change Gmail password and recovery email without a phone number

online proxy servers

Follow this guide to change password and recovery email for your gmail accounts without phone number verification

Step 1: Login

Step 2: Go to:

You will be redirected to:


XXXXXXX will be AEjHL4MugX-6u14IZ44rCU2MpGlWP3X8U7v5iUwMeyjp7itZKQgD0b_nEXmsRInSZajFR8dRJE7ZEL40uAYvOqeiwjuEUYSy4Q

Step 3: Copy XXXXXXX to the following links to change password or change recovery email

Link Change password:

Paste the link into the web browser.

Link Change recovery email:

Paste the link into the web browser.

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