This tutorial details how to create an account, make payment and place an order on

1. Create an account at 

First, Click here => fulfill the personal information => Register.


  • A single email address can be used to register one account only.
  • Password should be at least 8 characters including an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, numbers and special characters (Example: Bulkacc*346$). For keeping your account secure, a strong password but not easy to remember is recommended.

Next, an email verification dialog box opens, then you login your email to confirm account registration.

verify your email - bulkacc

If unfortunately the mail is moved to Spam folder, then you check your spam inbox to click Confirm Email as below:

check spam to confirm email - bulkacc

After tapping on Looks safe, you go back to Inbox to click Confirm email

confirm email - bulkacc

After your account is verified successfully, you can login your account at bulkacc

email confirmation - bulkacc

In case you forgot the password, you can click on Forgot password to update the new one.

The same as registering the account, the system automatically sends an email for resetting your password. Remember to check Spam folder if the mail do not appear in Main Inbox.

2. How to make payment or top up your balance

At the symbol of your profile, you click Top Up to see all the payment methods:

top up your balance - bulkacc

If you want the money to be added automatically, you choose COINPAYMENTS (AUTO DEPOSIT) and enter deposit account that you want to pay, update Crypto Currency and click Submit:

auto deposit - buy PVA accounts

Next, the system will redirect to CoinPayments page. Finally, you send Amount Remaining to the Address as described below to complete for payment.

make payment automatically - bulkacc


Upon completion for the payment, you can check the amount by tapping on Account Section:

Here is an account information after topping up a balance successfully:

account balance - bulkacc

Otherwise, you click on OTHER METHODS (MANUALLY) and choose one of the wallets or methods that you want to do:

Upon completing for a payment, please send us a proof of payment to check and wait a little time to add the fund.

3. How to make an order at

First, you can check Category and choose the platform that you want to purchase accounts at the left corner of the screen:

category of products - bulkacc

Next, you check Stock and Price for each type of product, then you click on the products that you need as shown below:

hotmail accounts for sale - bulk accounts

Remember that you cannot make an order for the products that are out of stock. 

Later, you check description to see the accounts’ features and warranty policy, enter the number of accounts you want and click CheckOut to complete for your order:

Then you press Confirm after carefully reading the Terms of use:

After the check out successful dialog appears, click on Order in the right corner of the homepage to get your accounts purchased:

order - hotmail accounts for sale

Finally you tap on View to check list of accounts:

After receiving list of products, you can export an account file by pressing Export:

In the end, thank you for your order

We highly appreciate your carefully reading the tutorial.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at